6 Things to Buy at Narita Airport (UPDATED IN 2019)

If you are flying out of Narita airport or planning a layover at Narita airport, there are a few items that you might want to consider buying.  These are my top 5 must buy items from Narita Airport because it’s duty free. I never fail to get them whenever I’m in Japan.

#1 GREEN TEA FLAVORED KIT KAT (ネスレ キットカット 宇治抹茶)


The Kit Kat Uji-Matcha aka Green Tea Flavored Kit Kat is undoubtedly my favorite Kit Kat flavor – I have an obsession with green tea. Second to Uji-Match is the Sakura-Matcha Flavored Kit Kat. Apart from Uji-Matcha, there are other unique kit kat flavors such as Strawberry, Blueberry Cheesecake and Wasabi. One box (10 packets of Kit Kats with 3 biscuits) costs about 1570 yen (US$15).



There’s only one store in Narita airport that carry this delicious creamy European-style chocolate cookie so if you can’t find it in one store, make sure you ask the store members where you can locate it. Manufactured by Ishiya Confectionery Co., Ltd in Hokkaido, Shiroi Koibito, is a snack consisting of white chocolate sandwiched between two French langue de chat cookies. You can present this as a gift to your friends or family – the gorgeous cookie box can be reused to store things like jewellery, letters, etc. Prices ranges from 705 yen to 2300 yen (US$7 – $22) depending on the size.

#3 ROYCE NAMA CHOCOLATE (ロイズ 生チョコレート)



Royce Chocolate is the Godiva of Japan, only better. My favorite flavors are Champagne (Pierre Mignon), Green Tea Matcha and Au Lait. Their factory is located in Sapporo and they have expanded their company overseas. I love how they wrap the chocolate in a cooler pack to ensure that your chocolate doesn’t melt on your way back home. They also have potato chips coated with chocolate, if you are into that kinda stuff. It costs 660 yen (US$6.50) for one box containing 20 pieces and an extra 100 yen (US$1) to get the cooler pack. Royce has several stores in the New York and it costs about $18 excluding tax for one.



Kikyo Shingen Mochi is a a single bite size portion of rice cake wrapped in traditional Japanese cloth. It is a popular japanese sweet that is made to perfection with black syrup and soybean flour . The taste lingers in your mouth just for the right amount of time. The texture of the rice cake, the elasticity, taste of black syrup and the smell of the soybean flour are balanced exquisitely. This traditional taste is representatative of Japan’s culture. It costs 4770 yen (US$45) for a set of 5.

#5 TOKYO BANANA (東京ばな奈)


Last but not least, is the famous Tokyo Banana. It’s really hard to find this outside of Japan because it only lasts for a maximum of 1 week and best consumed within 2 days of your purchase. Saying that this is the Japanese version of America’s Twinkie is probably an insult to Tokyo Banana. It is a fluffy sponge cake with cream made from strained banana puree to give you the natural banana flavor. My personal favorite is the Original Tokyo Banana but there are other flavors like Banana Caramel Custard, Roar Caramel and Ginza Strawberry if the original is too plain for you. A box of 8 costs 1000 yen (US$9).


The packaging is simple and practical – a carton pull out box. They got me hooked on milk and cheese. It costs about 1720 yen and has 20 packets in total, 10 packets each per flavor. The two flavors are honey & Gorgonzola and salt & Camembert. I love that intense cheese flavor that fills my mouth when I bite into it. They use Hokkaido milk and the world’s best cheeses to make these cookies. Light, crispy, and melt-in-your-mouth, these cookies have already got me hooked. It’s now my all time favorite item!

Now that you have some gift ideas, you can start planning your shopping list! Japanese snacks are best enjoyed with a cup of hot Japanese tea.

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